Family Life Education Overview

All Family Life lessons are developed based on the SOL Standards for Family life from the Virginia State Board of Education. The Family Life Educators will provide a comprehensive, abstinence based curriculum to all middle and high school students.  Mrs. Carol Cox, RN, BS and Mrs. Luci Satterfield, RN, BSN will teach the classes.  The Pittsylvania County Family Life Education program stresses the importance of the family unit. Also stressed is abstinence of harmful behaviors to one’s health. 

Elementary, and middle school classes are sex separated, while high school students are blended.  The focus with elementary students is to share information on puberty, hygiene, internet safety, and aspects of friendships.  The focus in middle school is on puberty and reproduction, hygiene, internet and personal safety, benefits of choosing abstinence, STD awareness, and how choices affect personal goals.  Healthy and unhealthy relationships are discussed.  High school students will enjoy lessons on building healthy relationships, pregnancy, labor and delivery, understanding sexual harassment and consent.

Students are introduced to national and local resources, as well as given the opportunity to hear from guest speakers within our community.

Parents may visit their child’s elementary school to preview 4th and 5th grade materials. Each principal has received the 2020-2021 Family Life Education schedule. If after reviewing the materials you choose for your child to not participate in the program or in a particular unit of study, please go by your child’s school to complete an opt-out form. This should be done prior to your child’s schedule.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact principal, Deborah Powell, at 432 8185. Family Life Educators may be contacted by email:  carol.cox@pcs.k12.va.us  and  luci.satterfield@pcs.k12.va.us